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About Us

Roman and Cayce Marcos have been training horses for over 25 years. Each comes from an extensive background having grown up in the industry and studied under some of the best in the business such as Don Harris, Jim Koller, and Bonnie Byrne to name a few. Although Roman and Cayce have similar styles when in comes to training horses and teaching riders, they have found a way to work together, combining each others strengths to develop an incredible team.

Roman Marcos grew up in Colorado and was born into the business. His father Tom Marcos and mother Linda Owens, were the owners and trainers of Gloraloma Ranch. Roman was riding and showing as a toddler and spent more time in the saddle than he did anywhere else. It was clear to everyone who knows him, that he was born with the “gift” to feel a horse. That feel is what allows him to bring out that little something extra in every horse he trains.


Cayce Marcos grew up in Wisconsin with a passion for horses as a young girl when she started taking saddleseat lessons at the age of eight. There was no turning back after that first lesson and Cayce spent every waking hour in the barn, knowing that is what she was meant to do. Cayce was fortunate to have a lot of opportunities at a young age and to start working for big circuit barns by the young age of fifteen. Cayce worked her way up the ladder of success to the trainer and instructor she is today. Her dedication and talent are reflected in her horses and riders.

Roman and Cayce have been together since 1997 and have a son named Ryder, who is a little helper around the barn and avid peppermint feeder to the horses. Family is very important to the Marcos’ and being together, doing what they love, is something they never take for granted.

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